HouseFit Water Rower Exercise with LCD Display and iPad

The HouseFit Water Rower is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and durable way to get fit. Made of high-quality materials, this rowing machine provides a smooth and quiet workout experience. With six different levels of resistance, it is perfect for beginners or experts alike.

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  • The product is a waterrower rowing machine that has a 350Lbs weight capacity.
  • It is designed with a LCD display and an iPad as a phone mount.
  • The machine features adjustable non-slip grips, as well as fully padded seats.
  • There is also a large tablet support underneath the machine.
  • This rowing machine is easy to use and has multiple settings for varying intensities.


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  • Solid Build
  • Large Tablet Support
  • Save Space And Easy To Move
  • Adjustable Non-Slip Pedals


  • The Straps On It Are Pretty Much Crap